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Clear.blue Pro Micron

The Clear.blue Pro Micron filtration system’s 5 function combines ultra filtration with submicron reverse osmosis and absorption filtration to produce high-quality drinking water for the home.

The 5 functions of Clear.blue Pro Micron combined with the 4 functions of the Clear.blue Pro V3 Xtreme provides your family with a total of nine functions.

Each designated and designed for specific filtration purposes to bring you the quality of water you deserve the way nature meant it to be.

The contaminants or other substances removed by the The Clear.blue Pro Micron are not necessarily in your water. Laboratory testing is needed to determine content. The technologically-advanced Clear.blue Pro Micron has evolved from many years of field testing and experience. Manufactured under rigid quality control standards, the Clear.blue Pro V3 Xtreme guarantees gallons of healthy great tasting water.